PETCO: Cat deal Scenario over $27 in litter, wet and dry food for less than 5$ OOP plus tax (or better!)

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Here’s an idea to score some cat supplies at Petco this weekend

Buy Science Diet cat food (this is NOT Ideal Balance, we know that Ideal Balance is 9.99, but the printable MQs are not for this variety!!) for 13.99

Buy World’s best cat litter ADVANCED NATURAL 11.99 (not the the regular WBCL kind)

Buy 1 can of Fancy Feast 0.57

Buy 1 can of Wellness 1.43

TOTAL: 27.98 + tax

use 5/25 Petco SQ (hand over FIRST)

use Free can of Wellness Signature Selects

use Free can of Fancy Feast

use 1x 5/1 Science Diet dry cat food MQ from and 1x 3/1 SD printable dry cat food Store Q

use 1x 5/1WBCL MQ and 3/1 WBCL Advanced Natural Store Q

coupons will take off $23

you will pay 4.78 + tax for high quality litter as well as wet and dry food

Depending on the Qs you have, you can fare much better, especially if you have unexpired

5/1 Qs for Nature’s Receipe Grain free (9.99, so 4.99 after Q, or 1.99 after stack with calendar Qs NLA ), or 5/1 TPQs for Hill’s Ideal Balanace (9.99 so 4.99 after Q)

Or watch out for oops bags!!! You’ll never know what you will find!

If you have not done so, you can submit for the WBCL rebate for some or all of those 4.78 back!


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