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All posts in March, 2024

March is our Gotcha Month, so before we go out of town again at the end of this month, we had to send the humans to Meowness one more time to drop off a few donation items.

March 2024 Donation to Meowness

Unfortunately the deals weren’t as good as they were in January and February, but we did our best to at least get a few things from the Meowness wish list.

Man were we spoiled with coupons in January and February. March? Not so much, for meowing out loud!

The items pictured retail for a ridiculous $311 and our out of pocket cost, was about $132.

Not the greatest donation of all times, but every little bit helps and we know Meowness sure can use it.

The human also made a small donation to the vet cost fund in honor of our gotcha month, as we do every year.

Vet costs have really gotten out of hand as well, so we’d really like to encourage you to help our buddies at Meowness with a few $$$ as well, if you can.

Their website has a link to donate via paypal and you’ll also find a bunch of adorable cats that are looking for awesome humans, just like Paisley Jade, pictured below.

Isn’t she stinkin’ adorable??
Thank you for helping out a wonderful small organisation, where every $ goes to the kitties and only the kitties!

We feel those small rescues are really feeling the squeeze of the constantly rising cost of food, supplies and vet care.

That will be it in terms of deal shopping for a little while, as we are going on the road again with the humans to enjoy ever changing cat TV through our screen door!

We are not sure if we can get female human to update this blog during the summer, but we’ll try our very best to motivate her!