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Have you already printed the 10/1 Purina Pro Plan True Nature coupons, we posted a few days ago?

If not, you better get on these soon, because we have a 5/1  Purina Pro Plan True Nature PETCO store coupon to stack, making the small bags FREE!

This one expires 9/30 so make sure to print rather sooner than later, as Petco has been notorious for pulling coupons once a deal gets too good to be true!

When shopping at Petco, make sure to hand over the manufacturer coupon FIRST and then the store coupon. The store coupon will adjust itself down automatically,

so you’ll just pay tax!

If you want to avoid discussions, you can also get the slightly bigger bag, which is on sale for 21.59 and pay only 6.59 after coupon stack before tax

It feels like it has been FUREVER since we had free cat food, but finally we are finding some deals again.

Between that and the free litter we bought at Petsmart, we are sure the Meowness kitties, will be happy!

Happy Shopping!


10 off Purina Pro Plan True Nature

Purina has recently launched new pet products, as have many other companies. It’s amazing how many new brands have popped up recently.

New launches, usually mean high value coupons, which with a bit of luck can be combined with a good sale sooner or later.

We can score a 10/1 Pro Plan Perform Litter coupon and a 10/1 True Nature cat food coupon in the current Purr Magazine!*

Petsmart currently has the litter on sale for 9.99, so we  can score 2 pails for FREE with the  10/1 Pro Plan Perform Litter coupon !!

The True Nature food is 13.99 at Petco and 14.99 at Petsmart.

Some of us have received in our emails a 20% off at Petco and/or $10/30 for Petsmart. We lucked out and received both.

So we’ll send our human shopping this weekend for sure!



*the litter coupon took a bit of fiddling around to get to print, just a word of warning, so do keep trying or poke around in the magazine for other links


Oh meow! Where has the time gone?! It’s June already and it feels like we have not sent the human to Meowness in ages!!

Luckily we managed to get some supplies to Meowness today. The items pictured roughly have a retail value of $533 and we paid about $ 145 for them.

We have had to slow down our shopping efforts lately, while we and the human are dealing with some other things (no worries, nothing too serious).

We are still chasing deals and such, but currently we just don’t blog about them so much anymore.

We hope to get back in the swing of things again soon, as the Meowness kitties really can use any help they can get!

Right now Meowness has 32 kittens alone in addition to the adult cats that are in their care. Some of them, like Heathcliff the handsome pictured below are already up for adoption,


others still have to get spayed or neutered and need other kinds of medical attention, which means lot’s of $$$ are needed to get these little guys and gals ready for adoption.

If you can spare a few dollars, you can donate to Meowness here, we know they appreciate it and every little bit helps!

The human got to snuggle with Calvin, Lucy, Lionel, Oliver and many others. So if you are looking for a purring cuddle buddy,

Meowness definitely is the place to go! You can find their adoptable pets here!