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The human was trying to scout for some deals for our upcoming 5/25 weekend at Petco.

There is a wet food promotion starting today and going on through 10/26

Buy 12 or more cans, trays or tubs of wet dog food get 20% off

Buy 15 or more cans, trays of select we cat food and get 15% off

The good thing is you can mix between different brands. So with two of the three cat food freebies we have right now being participiating brands, you’d only need another 13 cans to get the cat food deal.

The dog food deals are a bit harder, unfortunately Cesar is NOT a participating brand. But there are coupons out there for some of the brands as well.

The following is a list of participating brands:

Dog food

All cans, trays or tubs of
• AvoDerm
• Beneful Prepared Meals
• Canyon Creek Ranch
• Eukanuba
• Halo
• Hill’s Science Diet
• Iams
• Merrick
• Natural Balance
• Nature’s Recipe
• Nature’s Variety
• Organix
• Pro Plan
• Purina ONE
• Solid Gold
• Wellness


Cat food:

All cans, trays or pouches of
• AvoDerm
• Canyon Creek Ranch
• Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys and Mornings
• Halo
• Hill’s Ideal Balance
• Hill’s Science Diet
• Meow Mix
• Merrick Purrfect Bistro
• Natural Balance
• Nature’s Recipe
• Nature’s Variety
• Nutro MAX
• Nutro Natural Choice
• Pro Plan
• Purina ONE
• Royal Canin
• Solid Gold
• Soulistic
• Wellness

These are some of the brands we know have coupons out: ProPlan, Wellness, Merrick, Purina One, Nutro, Nature’s recipe, Meow Mix, Fancy Feast, Hill’s, Organix and Beneful

Unfortunately not many of those are printables or insert coupons available to everybody.

We do have insert coupons for ProPlan, Purina One and Fancy Feast

We do have printables for ProPlan, Wellness, Merrick, Purina One and Hill’s





Dentastix are on sale for 3.33 each wyb 3 at Petco through 10/26. At Petco, you HAVE to buy at least three to get that price. If you can find the Petsmart Halloween booklet, that has a 1/1 Dentastix coupon in it, you can score them for 2.33 each wyb 3.

As the coupon won’t expire till 10/31 and the deal goes through 10/26 we’d suggest you hold off until our next adoption weekend, 10/5-6, when we will have another 5/25 coupon!

oct 13 petco 5 off

Whew, September went by superfast and it’s almost October, sooooo that means we have another 5/25 event coming up at Petco!


Go here for your 5/25 coupon in case the link does not work, you can copy and paste this link into your browser:


This is where Petco usually publishes their monthly 5/25 coupons and they usually come out with one every month.

Occasionally the link changes when they change the pet in the pic, but that does not happen too often.

The next adoption weekend after that will be Nov 9-10!

Usually the new coupon is up right after the old one expires, but you won’t be able to use beforehand.

For more information about coupon shopping at Petco check out our Petco Info page!





mimi guarding schick Qs

Today is the 29th so you got one more day to fire up that printer guys!!!

If there is any pet coupon left on coupons.com that you have not printed, but think you might be able to use, go ahead and print NOW!


The following coupons are still available to print on  coupons.com :

1.10/2 Purina brand dog snacks 5.5 oz or larger!

1.50/2 Snausages

1.25/1 Dingo treats

B2G1 Purina One wet food

3/1 Purina One Dog food

1/3 Purina One wet dog food

5/1 Biospot defense flea and tick

1.50/1 Nature’s Miracle Dog Shampoo

5/1 Adams Comfort Zone

2/1 Prosense Health Care

2/1 Kaytee Bedding

3/1 Swheat Scoop


The 0.75/1 Pinesol coupon is also still available.


So get yourself some paper, head here and print away!!

Coupons usually reset on the 1st of the month and you never know, what you wanted may be gone, so while you are at it print anything you think you might use!!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy.




On Saturday we sent the human to AZSDR with this donation. They go through a lot of Bleach and Pinesol so we always try to have some in each drop off in addition to the food and treats.

We really need Bleach and Pinesol deals again soon. Luckily we had a few great Papertowel deals recently. Paper towels are also high on their wish list.

Those guys were superbusy and luckily had a great adoption Saturday, so lot’s of doggies from AZSDR are going to spend the night in their new forever homes.

They are bursting at the seams though, so if you are looking for a new furry family member, now is a good time to go have a look at AZSDR.


nr dog food coupo

wbcl printbel dec
Right in time for the 5/25 event comin up next weekend we have new printable store coupons at Petco.

3/1 World’s Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural any one bag

5/1 Nature’s Recipe Puppy Lamb Meal and Rice 15 lb bag

If you still have the 5/1 NR Puppy food printables from a while back (the last prints we have expire this weekend) you might check this out now. However the store coupons does have a size restriction, and the 15 lb bags is not on sale currently, it’s 32.99 at our store, so 22.99 if you have both coupons to stack. We currently do have the smaller bags on sale. So you might fare better by getting the smaller bag using the manufacturer coupon and skipping the new Petco printable alltogether.

We also still have a 5/1 manufacturer coupon to stack with the WBCL, which won’t expire till 10/13 so this will be a good one to combine with the new 3/1 World’s Best Cat Litter Advanced Natural any one bag store coupon! For a total of 8$ off. This product currently is 10.99 at our store, so you’d be getting it for 2.99. We know some folks have better prices at their stores, so it’s worth to check out!




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