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Frequently Asked Questions


 What do all the abreviations mean, like RP and Q etc.?

Couponers use a lot of abbreviations and that can be confusing, when you first start out.

To help you make sense of our coupon lingo, we have come up with this little list, that contains some of the most common abreviations


Which coupons can I use at Petco and in which order do I hand them over?

Couponing at Petco can be a bit daunting at first, which is why we put together a whole page to give you some pointers.


You used to post Petco Scenarios all the time, where are the 5/25 coupons?

Unfortunately Petco has become a bit more stringent with the 5/25 coupons and the freebies recently. We know they are still out there, but they are made available in a more targeted fashion, as they have been badly abused in the past. We prefer not to link to a coupon, if they are not hosted on a Petco site, because we want to be sure coupons are legit. As soon as Petco will officially make 5/25 coupons available again, we will post them for sure.


What should we look for in a dog food / cat food, what is a good brand?

This is not an easy question to answer and we are working on an article  to address exactly that question. So bear with us a bit!


Can I paypal you some money to help with pet food shopping expenses?

Whew, how sweet of you to ask! We’d like to encourage you to donate TO A SHELTER or RESCUE in YOUR community, or if you’d like, donate directly to one of the great organisations, that we donate to.

You can find them here! We know they appreciate it and your donation will be tax deductible too, so it’s a win win!

There are some links on our site where we may be receiving a small commission if you decide use them. But you certainly don’t have to.





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You always mention how you are fans of high quality grain free dog food / cat food, but still you post about deals on some pretty crappy stuff?

Yes, our human is a firm believer in getting good deals on good quality grain free pet food (and would not feed us anything else)! Our blog is about finding good deals and helping rescues out.

We know that the rescues we support, will buy the cheapest stuff they can find, when they run out of money. So for our donations we will buy anything and everything we can get our hands on for cheap/free, so the organisations we support, can use their cash for the pets’ medical needs. Some of the rescues we help out have street outreach programs to feed strays and support homeless humans with pets. So if we are presented with the option to let the strays go hungry or feed them some lower quality food, we’d rather give them something than nothing.

We however strongly do encourage our readers to educate themselves on what to look for in a good cat food or dog food and use our site to find deals on better quality food!


Have a question to add to the list? Contact us and let us know!






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