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All posts in December, 2021

With the Meowlidays right around the corner and the human going out of town, we wanted to make sure we are sending this donation to Meowness asap.

It is getting harder and harder to find deals and the retail prices are somewhat ridiculous, but we feel we did ok, all circumstances considered. The items pictured retail for about $545 (yikes!) and we paid about $91 out of pocket for them.

Compared to the good ole times, that is a rather small donation, but the kitties and doggies at Meowness can use all the help they can get!

If you’d like to help them out as well, here’s the link to their current fundraiser. They are still ways away from their goal and currently do have quite a few pets with medical needs. Any donation, no matter how small helps. Meowness is completely volunteer run and we assure you, they are a very deserving organisation!!

We personally are grateful that they allow the human to use their cute holiday pictures, like this one of Jolly, who by the way is still looking for a pawesome furever home (more info here). Thanks to that, the human doesn’t get anymore stupid ideas about putting us in holiday outfits or some such nonsense, as we have made it VERRRRY clear in past years, that we are not up for any of this!!

Happy Meowlidays to all our friends, two legged, four legged and also those with wings and fins!

Emily and Linus