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All posts in January, 2020

Happy Meow Year Furriends!! We hope you are all off to a good start!

We are getting ready to leave town again, so we sent the human to Meowness one last time before we hit the road.
It’s only been a few days since the last drop off and in the meantime the human didn’t have a ton of time to shop. We also have used up most of our coupons before they expired on 12/31. For those reasons , this is a relatively small donation.

The items in the picture retail for about $ 188 and our oop for them was about $76. Not our one of our greatest hauls, for sure, but at least these are some of Meowness’ favorite products to use.

So this is it for this season. Yes, we know, it literally went by in the blink of an eye. On Monday the house will start moving again with us in it.

We hope to be back in Phoenix in October to do more shopping.
In the meantime we’ll keep an eye out for a few online deals that can maybe sent to our buddies from afar!!

We’ll be in touch from the road!!

When shopping both at Petco and Petsmart lately the human saw flyers and posters for a Blue Pet food promotion.

Buy $25 in Blue Buffalo products earn a $5 digital reward

Buy $50 in Blue Buffalo products earn a $15 in digital reward

The little flyers say “Participating Retailers” so this may be working in different stores as well.

I also says “Text BLUEBUFFALO to 811811”.

We are getting coupons for Blue Buffalo this weekend in the 1/5 inserts and some people get those early. If you can get a hold of these coupons, that may make for a real good deal.

I seems like you have to text them and then submit a picture the receipt. We happened to purchase a large bag of Blue Buffalo for a donation a couple of days ago, so we’ll get the human to submit the receipt and report further.

We wish we had known about this before buying, because the dog food was about $40, had we known about that promo we could have added a few cans.

Anyways, this is a pretty short timed promo 12/26-1/3, update, duh: the human read that wrong, the promo goes until 3/1/2020 but if you purchased this products recently, you may be in luck.