March 2023 Donation to Meowness

Today we had the human drop off what has to be the smallest donation in our history of donations to Meowness.
We are kind of disappointed at the lack of deals and it keeps getting worse. Coupons are few and far inbetween and the prices are kind of ridiculous.

We really feel for the shelters that go through a lot of these items and are facing increased cost for vet care on top of that!

They really need help more than ever!! If you can spare a buck or two, we know Meowness would be so grateful for your support.
You can donate on their website, the donate button is in the top right corner.

We also want to thank our friend Jennifer W. for sending us some stamps to pass on to Meowness, as they have to mail out a lot of paperwork on a regular basis.

The items pictured retail $ 216.16 and our out of pocket cost was roughly $70. We know, right? For that kind of money we used to be able to haul three times as much stuff to the shelter.

Times have definitely changed.

We are still trying to support the causes we care about any way we can, but dang do we miss the good ole couponing days when we could send the human shopping to the pet stores for pennies on the dollar.

What about you guys out there? Are you still able to find deals and coupons? Send those humans shopping, we gotta fill these bowls!


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