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All posts in February, 2018

February sure is a short month, but can you believe we are almost in March?? Where has the time gone?

The new year has just started and wooooosh, it’s almost March!

As far as our coupons are concerned you know what that means: They may reset at the first of the month!

Currently we have a few good ones for pet supplies, so make sure you grab them, while we have them!

Here’s a current list!

on one (1) carton of Purina® Beneful® Simple Goodness™ Dog Food, any size any variety
on one (1) bag of Purina® Beneful® Grain Free or Purina® Beneful® Select 10™ Dry Dog Food, any size
on any one (1) Fresh Step® Cat litter, 18lb+.
on one (1) 12 ct or smaller variety pack of Purina® Beneful® Wet Dog Food, any variety
Buy one (1) 10 oz tub or 3 ct/3 oz sleeve of Purina® Beneful® Wet Dog Food, get one (1) FREE (up to $2.49)
on one (1) package of Purina® Tidy Cats® LightWeight cat litter, any size, any variety
on one (1) package of Purina® Tidy Cats® brand Clumping Cat Litter, any size, any variety (excluding Tidy Cats® LightWeight Cat
on one (1) 4 lb or larger bag of Muse® Natural Dry Cat food, any variety
on any SIX (6) Meow Mix® single wet cat food cups
on eight (8) 3 oz cans of Muse® Wet Cat food, any variety
Buy two (2) 2.1 oz tubs of Muse® Wet Cat food, get one (1) FREE, any variety (up to $1.69)
on any ONE (1) 4 lb or larger bag of Natural Balance® Dry Dog Food, any variety (Redeemable at petco)

Petsmart is currently sending out email coupons for $10 off any merchandise when you sign up for their emails.

We have no idea, how long this will last. Our coupon printed with an expiration date of 2/28 but a friend who signed up later than we did, reported that hers printed with a date of 3/1.

In any case it has been YEARS since we had something great like this happen at Petsmart. This is pretty much a free $10 off anything in the store.

We hope we can get to a city that has a Petsmart before ours expires.

Here’s how you get the coupon:

Go to the Petsmart website

and scroll all the way down until you see this

Click on the sign up link and then keep checking our email (and spam folder).

You should receive a confirmation email with the coupon.

Also remember, that many Petco stores will accept those as competitor coupons!

You can use a printed coupon or show it on your mobile device.

One coupon per account!

Happy Shopping!

It is hard to believe that it has already been over two years, since we moved into our RV with our humans. As of now, we have been on the road for close to 19 months. Wow, time sure does fly!

As we explained in our Home is where the Cats are post, which we published a few months after starting our trip, the RV has been catified for us in various ways and the humans have come up with quite a few strategies to make travel comfortable and easy for us.

With 19 months of full time RV travel under our belts, we now have our routine down quite well. Linus still wears his calming collar on driving days, but the humans hardly ever use additional  calming spray anymore. No skimping on the treats though!

The humans prefer to stay longer in any given areas, which makes driving days few and far in between. Driving time usually is kept below three hours per day on those rare days when the RV actually moves, which is less stressful for everyone involved.

When we get to our destination, our outdoor cat habitat becomes part of the set up at most locations. We love being able to be outside, sniff around and roll in the dirt. The humans never leave us out there unsupervised though, usually they set up their chairs right next to us, just in case. It is a great way for us to experience the outdoors safely and be close to the humans, while they sit outside and enjoy the views.

The humans have also upgraded our harnesses. We used to have simple harnesses for a long time, but it was pretty easy for Emily to wiggle her way out of them. That was not so much an issue, when we still had a house with a fenced in backyard, but now that the world is our backyard, the humans wanted to make it a bit harder for us to escape. They ended up buying these mesh harnesses (modeled by Emily in the above picture) for both of us, as those are a bit harder to get out of. Like they don’t trust us or something.

We spent part of the holiday season in Phoenix and were able to send the female human shopping while in the area. We were lucky to sniff out a few good deals, mostly at PETCO, which allowed us to drop off three loads of donations, valued  in total over $2600, at our favorite pet rescue. Not as much as we used to do, when we still lived in the house, but we try to make up by giving some cash as well. If you’d like to help us get some extra cash to donate, at no cost to you, please check out our give back page to see if there’s something of interest for you. Or, you could directly send a few dollars to Meowness if you prefer.

Now that we are in travelling mode again, it will be harder for us to find and share deals. Several of our friends have asked that we share some of our travel adventures instead. We are planning on doing that and of course we will also still keep sharing any deals we come across.

So far we have had some really cool adventures with our humans, but those are usually not near any big cities where there are any of the big stores.

We prefer to hang out in the boonies anyways, less traffic and all. As you can see Linus fits right in, into the wild.

But even in National Parks, just like the big cities, you can get caught in traffic jams, as in this case in Yellowstone National Park last fall. The advantage of traffic jams in National Parks though is, that you get some pretty good cat TV along the way. At least Emily thinks so.

In any case we’ll be reporting back from the road on a regular basis. Hopefully our furriends will enjoy our travel stories as much as they like the deals.