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All posts in July, 2013

We have posted about this recall for Innova and EVO products a couple of times on our Facebook page and it seems (continue reading…)

Petsmart is running another $5 coupon promo on Science diet.

When you buy a participating item (continue reading…)


Petco will have their monthly adoption coupon deal valid on 8/11-8/12/2013 only.

Print coupon here: (continue reading…)

July 2013 Donation to LOHPF Retail 330 OOP 63 incl. tax

July 2013 Donation#1 to LOHPF Retail 330 OOP 63 incl. tax

In July we were fortunate to have enough pet food to have the human do three drop-offs, the first one to July 2013 Donation #3 to Meowness 350 $ retail OOP 99 $ incl. tax[/caption]


July 2013 AZSDR

#2 July 2013 AZSDR donation Retail $ 303, OOP $ 73


Linus (top) Bengal Mix, superior feather toy artist and Master of Mischief Emily (bottom) unchallenged Queen of the house and internationally reknown purr therapist

Linus (top) and Emily (bottom)

We are two kitties that were rescued by the very committed folks at Noah’s Ark pet Adoptions in Glendale, AZ (now Meowness). We both chose to (continue reading…)

June 2013 was a good month for us as far as donations are concerned, we were able to  drop off

a total of $1232 worth of pet food and supplies at three different rescues we support.


Our first drop off in June went to http://lostourhome.rescuegroups.org/, worth $ 462 retail and our oop was about $ 83.


Our second drop off in June went to the awesome doggies at http://azsmalldog.org/ was worth about $ 350 Retail and our oop was $ 63.


And last but not least the third drop off went to our buddies at http://meowness.com/ and 4Paws with a Retail value of $ 420 and an oop of $79.

As you can see we do not only donate dry and wet food, but we also try to get deals on litter (cat rescues ALWAYS are grateful for litter donations, because for some reasons those are few and far in between) as well as paper towels and cleaning supplies.

If you want to support a rescue of your choice to check with them, you’d be surprised about some of the non pet food items on their wish lists!