Cheap or Free World’s best cat litter with coupon stack! At Petco!



We have a new printable 3/1 Petco Store coupon for World’s Best Cat Litter ADVANCE NATURAL,

that stacks wonderfully with this 3/1 MQ printable for a total of 6$ off!

You can also “boost” that MQ to a 5/1 if you register on that hopster site.

We have never tried that ourselves, but we will certainly look into that.

If you cannot print, you often can find 2/1 peelies on your litter in the store, that can also

be stacked the with 3/1 Petco Store coupon for World’s Best Cat Litter

WBCL ADVANCED NATURAL starts at 11.99 at Petco, so it can be had for 3.99 after Q stack

If you have not done so yet, you can still submit for this rebate, so your litter would be entirely FREE!

FREE World’s Best Cat Litter, 6, 7, or 8 lb World’s Best (exp 12/31/2013) 


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