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We are Emily and Linus, two kitties that were rescued by the very committed folks at Noah’s Ark pet Adoptions in Glendale, AZ (now Meowness). We both chose to adopt the same humans – three years apart from each other.

We started our own page on facebook to document our journey, when we still had our paws full just getting used to each other and to train our humans.

However our real mission is to help pet rescues and shelters, so we transitioned the page into a deal and donation journal over time.

Several of our friends have encouraged us start a real blog to share the pet food deals we find and talk about how to train humans.

We like helping other kitties and dogs, who still are waiting for their furever homes, which is why we support several shelters and rescues, by having our humans purchase and donate some of the the pet food we find deals on.

Our humans started chasing pet deals in 2009 so they have been donating pet food, litter, toys and supplies for a while, but they have really ramped up their efforts, after we started to properly train them in the art of pet food shopping!

We mainly share our information in order to thank all those humans and pets, who help us with coupons, alert us to deals and support us in many other ways. We also hope to inspire others to do the same. Shelter pets can use all the help they can get!

This is us on our desk, Emily, Queen of the House and World Reknown Purr Therapist (on the left) and Linus, Feather Wand Champion and Master of Mischief (on the right)!

on desk

This is where we manage our humans and tell them what to blog about! Humans are not very bright, so we have to be very patient in teaching them the ins and outs of communicating on the internet. Of course!! If they were smarter they’d be….cats, right?

Managing humans is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

We will have our human update this blog a few times a week and will try our best

to do matchups for Petco and Petsmart with the most important coupons out there!



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