Good Deal on Wellness Core at Petco – with Peelies


So we sent the human to Petco to check on Wellness core as we have a 5/1 Store Q and a 3/1 MQ from the newsletter as mentioned here:

And most bags in our store had a peelie on them! This peelie is a 5/1 coupon with NO SIZE RESTRICTION and therefore can be used on the smallest sizes

We also had the human price out the Core for us


P1020337 P1020339

The smallest bag of Wellness Core dry cat food is 14.99, so you can get it for 4.99 after Q stack, the smallest bag of Core Dog food is 17.99 and therefore is 7.99 after Q stack, IF you can find the peelies. If you only have the 3/1 MQ from the newsletter, you only get a total of $8 off!

If you can find those peelies in your store next weekend, getting to 25$ with deals like these should be relatively easy. Or if you need pet food urgently these are relatively good deals for a high quality food.

Petco theoretically also price matches other stores, but our human has not had good luck with this. You can however try to price match for a better deal, as most other stores are cheaper than Petco for this product.


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