Wellness 3oz wet food only 20 cents after coupon (Petsmart) and possibly good deal on dry food at Petco

wellness can

Petsmart currently has the 3 oz Wellness cans for $ 1.20

As a subscriber to their newsletter you usually get $ 1/1 coupons for the wet food and a 3/1 for dry food. For a while they even had 5/1 dry food coupons for new sign-ups.

The coupons come in the email newsletter once a month and you can print them from the mail.

Sign up here http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/pet-club-register.aspx

20 cents after coupon for Wellness wet food is a pretty awesome deal in our eyes, we love our

Wellness and make sure the human buys some for us, whenever possible.

We also currently have a 3/1 Wellness dry dog food at Petco


and a 5/1 for Wellness Core dry dog OR cat food


which both can be stacked with the 3/1 dry food MQ from the newsletter


So if you feed your furry family members Wellness brand food, you probably can score a good deal on dry food come August 11-12th, by stacking the 5/25 Petco store coupon with the 5/1 store coupon for wellness and the 3/1 Manufacturer coupon.

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