Possibly free or very cheap cat litter with NEW high value printable 5/1 Blue cat litter Petco store coupon at both Petco and Petsmart!!!


Petco just released a new Petco Store Coupon 5/1 Blue Naturally Fresh Cat Litter through 12/15

This stacks with the manufacturer coupons we found a little while back

The litter is now priced at 9.99-10.49 st Petco so if you have the manufacturer coupon you can score it for FREE or 49 cents!!

Awesome coupons to have for our upcoming 5/25 weekend on 11/9-10



Petsmart currently has this litter for 6.49 only, so you could try to pricematch at Petco or use the Petco coupon as a competitor coupon at Petsmart and score for just 1.49-1.99, which is still a pawesome deal!

Blue has reps in lot’s of the stores right now, so even if you cannot find the coupons, we suggest you approach one of them and ask if they have one for you!

We also know there are 2/1 Blue litter coupons out there besides the 5/1 ones! It certainly does not hurt to ask!




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