In our mailbox

We receive more mail than our humans, any day of the week 😉 and over the last couple of days, we received some really great coupons in the mail!



Our buddies Mojo, Toby and Coco had their human send us an envie full of coupons, so did Fifis grandhuman B.M. from G, Tiffany sent us a whole bunch of BOGO Beneful coupons and Sheryl, thanks to whom, we find many of the pet food deals we get, has also sent us coupons for an ongoing deal!

Thank you all so very much!

All coupons are sorted into three categories, when we receive mail

1) use for deal immediately

2) check on deals

3) random box

Once an unexpected deal strikes, we get the box out and have the human run to the store.

It is just so great to have a stash of coupons to rely upon immediately without having to trade and wait for trades to come in. Some deals are only valid for a very short time. So we appreciate the steady flow of coupons to help us out!!!

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