Weekend Project: Low cost DIY Catio!


We have been asking the humans for some protected outdoor space for a while now.

We would really love to go outside, sniff around and do some bird watching more often, but there are frequent coyote sightings in our hood and the humans are concerned we may end up a coyote’s lunch.

Whenever female human opens the doors, to let cooler air in though, we make sure she is VERY aware of our outdoor interests!


The human has looked into options making the yard safer for us, but most of them were way out of our budget.

Recently she came across this awesome DIY Catio idea on the Cat and Caboodle blog.

In a nutshell:

They are using standard wire storage cubes such as these…


…and some simple tools such as a mallet, pliers, a wire cutter ….


…plus a bunch of cable ties….


…to make an awesome, inexpensive and super cool catio!

To be perfectly honest: Theirs looks much cooler than ours, but we weren’t sure if we could use one of their pictures, so do make sure you check out their photos here!



Inspired by this genius idea, we had the human get us some of these this weekend…..


….and then we put the humans to work!!

Aaaand this is our PRELIMINARY result!



It still leaves MUCH to be desired and needs to be adapted and improved upon during a future weekend project, but we did get to get to do a preliminary inspection and so far really like this first draft version of it!!


Right now we are making a list of things that need to change before our final approval, but as you can see the it looks promising so far! Of course all the cable tie ends need to be cut as soon as we figure out our final configuration. We were so excited, we wanted to share this project right away although it’s far from being finished!


We’ll update the blog in a couple of weeks with our progress and the final result! Until then please excuse us while we do some extensive testing and inspecting of our new outdoor space!!


How did you spend your weekend? Hope you had a great time!


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