8 different stores, 14 transactions, $ 350 worth of petfood! And how was your weekend?!



We hope everybody had a grrrrrreat weekend.

This is the result of our various shopping runs (3 Petcos, 3 Petsmart, 2 CVS, 3 days, 14 different transactions)

About $ 350 in pet food for about $40 OOP!! We are pretty happy.

To the right is even a bag of Merrick BG and a few cans of wellness for us (about 35 $ value and 12 $ OOP).

All the rest will go in the donation pile and will get dropped over the next few months.

We usually sort our donations according to exp. date and pull from the stock, so we can have a nice variety of items

in each drop off.

It would not make much sense to give  a detailed breakdown, as we had so many transactions and a lot of coupons that are not

available to everybody (from the calendar, from mailers, tearpads from previous store visits, coupons from trades and from writing to companies…).

We also had a RC for the Cesar trays for one of the CVS transactions (the other one was as described on the blog)

But we did use our fair share of the coupons we posted over the last few days too.  More than half of the items were purchased in transactions

that can be easily done with coupons we spoke about on this blog!

Our human is pretty tired. We promised her, she’ll get to relax more next weekend. But those Adoption weekend deals only have a small window

of opportunity that we have to seize!!!


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