Tidy cats clumping litter 22 cents/lb or better at Safeway!!

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Safeway has Tidy Cats clumping litter 20 lb jugs on sale for 5.49 this week.

We have gotten those for $5 before, but this is still an ok price if you are in need of litter, especially if you are one of those lucky folks that have a $/$$ J4U coupon on your card or have high value coupons.

Tidy Cat Scoop Litter 20lb $5.49 with in-ad coupon – lim 3

use $1/1 Tidy Cats 7/28 RP (x 10/28) (or 2/1 peelies if you have)
Final Price: $4.49 or better

In case you received a 5/20 in your J4U account, you can buy 3 Jugs (that’s the limit) and get to 16.47. Then you will need to throw in some freebies or other items to get to 20. Go to Thencentsableshoppin‘, for a list of complete Safeway matchups to help you figure out this weeks freebies.

But let’s say you can get $4 worth of freebies, like Mojo bars, Crest Toothpaste, Chobani Yogurt or Ivory soap and buy your three jugs, your transaction would look like this

3 Tidy Cat at 5.49 = 16.47

2 Mojo bars 99 cent each = 1.98

2 Chobani Yogurts 1 each = $2

TOTAL 20.45 your 5/20 would come off so 15.45

$ 3.98 in freebie coupons, $3 in TC coupons

Final Total: 8.47 so you are down to 2.82 a jug or 14 cents a lb

Let us know if you got a $ off deal in your account!! We did not this week, unfortunately!

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