5/25 event at Petco almost here, get ready and print your Qs!!!


The weekend is almost here, yay!!! A good way to spend some time is to go pet food shopping at Petco!

Our human will be out of town and can’t take advantage if this opportunity this time around, but we want to make sure all our buddies sent their humans shopping!!

Go here for your 5/25


This is where Petco usually publishes their monthly 5/25 coupons and they usually come out with one every month.

Occasionally the link changes when they change the pet in the pic, but that does not happen too often.

The next adoption weekend after that will be Oct 5-6!

Usually the new coupon is up right after the old one expires, but you won’t be able to use beforehand.

Don’t forget to check out our dog supply and cat supply scenarios posted earlier today!

For more information about coupon shopping at Petco check out our Petco Info page!

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