Safeway: 8x fuel points for a $75 Petsmart gift card through 2/7

Safeway currently has a coupon in their just4u app for 8x Gas Reward Points when you buy $75 or more in PetSmart Gift Cards.

That’s 600 fuel points for a $75 card or $15 off at the pump if you max out the 25 gallons, up to which the fuel rewards are valid, which translates to 20% off.

For us that’s usually a good deal, because we now live in a gas guzzling house.

If you were planning a purchase at Petsmart anyways, this may be a good way to saveĀ a little extra.

Combined with the $10 off 30 Petsmart coupon we posted earlier today, you potentially could save a few $$$ on something you may need anyways.

We also use an American Express credit card at the grocery store, that gives us 6% cash back on groceries. So if we buy that gift card at Safeway or Albertsons, which now also has the just4u app, we are saving an additional $4.50.


It all adds up.

Happy Shopping!

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