November 2017 Donation to Meowness

Today we sent the human to Meowness with the items pictured above.

On her way she also picked up an additional 4 jugs of Tidy Cats litter that are not pictured, because they were added to the donation after the picture was taken.

Meowness goes through lots of litter and food, so we were happy the human got to pick up a bit more on her way, taking advantage of the $10 off 30 offer that ended today.

This donation was roughly valued at $690, because some of those big bags in the picture were marked down to only $9.

If we were to consider full retail price, the value would be quite a bit higher.

Our out of pocket expense for this donation was only $74, most of which was tax.

We were thrilled with all the recent markdowns we were able to find in the stores.

It has been a while since our last pet supplies donation, as we were travelling with our humans, so we had to limit ourselves to monetary donations over the las few months. Cold hard cash certainly helps, but coupon shopping allows us to strech those dollars even more and we like to give both, money, supplies and when possible time. In case you’d like to help us donate more money without any additional cost to you, please check out our affiliate link page and see if there’s something you find useful. We promise any dollar coming in from any of these affiliate programs will go straight to Meowness.

Right now, we are back in Phoenix for a few weeks and we’ll sure send the human shopping a lot more often while we are in the valley.

Of course we’ll make sure to share any deals we find on the blog.


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