More Science Diet coupons!! B2G2 wet food and another 5/1 dry cat food!!

Save Now!

The human had posted these a little while back on the FB page and we already used some of the B2G2 for our shopping a while ago,

but it seems the page has been updated and also has a new 5/1 dry cat food, that we don’t recall seeing last time.

In any case head over to print those Science Diet Coupons , so you can score more bags and treat and cans at Petsmart or Petco,

with the current ongoing promotions

Petsmart register tape promo through 8/18 or

Petco grain free cat food though 9/15 or

Petco SD dog or cat food and treats through 9/15

We had promised the human a quiet weekend, but if we want to use up all our prints, we’ll probably have to send her to a couple

of stores this weekend 😉 at least to Petsmart because their promor is only through Sunday!!

Oh well, we know how to manipulate convince her! Guilt inducing looks are our specialty 😉

Send those humans shopping friends!!!!

That page also contains the links to the mail in rebates, in case you have not done them yet!!

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