January 2018 Donation to Meowness!

Happy New Year furriends!! We hope you had a wonderful start into 2018!

Earlier tonight we sent the human to Meowness to bring our buddies the items pictured above.

Considering the human was sick most of last month and we only could send her shopping on very limited occasions,

we believe we did reasonably well.

The supplies and pet food in the picture retails for about $1173 and we only paid $ 166 out of pocket.

We really lucked out and found a ton of the Nutro coupons, we mentioned several weeks ago. All in all we ended up with 394 of those Nutro tubs, that would have been $1 each, but we just paid tax for them. Plus with several $10 off 30 and $40 off 60 coupons, we had throughout the month of December, those free tubs, made great fillers to score some of those ten Tidy Cats litter tubs and the large cat chow bags.

Despite the human’s condition, December was a great shopping month for us.

We ended up with 350 pounds of litter, 260 pounds of dry food, 160 pounds of wet food and a bunch of treats.

Not bad!!

We were also super happy to score the carrier and the enzyme cleaners with rewards earned at Petco. December has been a great month to roll PalsRewards at Petco and our closest store has been super awesome to shop at. Those folks know we are donating to rescues and have been extremely supportive of our shopping!

We will be leaving town again next week, so no pet food shopping for a while, but we hope that this will last our buddies for a little while. No worried, we’ll keep posting deals as we come across them and will also keep your posted on our travels and adventures once in a while!

Meowness goes through litter and pet food like there’s no tomorrow, so if you’d like to help them out as well, please consider heading to their website and donating a few bucks via their link. 

Also, if you’d like to help us donate more, please check out our affiliate link page to see if there’s anything useful for you. Any money we may be making from those links, will be donated as well and using those links won’t cost you a penny! Thank you, if you do!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us with coupons in the past weeks. Since we returned back to Phoenix, we had put out several requests for pet coupons and several of our furriends have helped us out without asking for anything in return!! We seriously could not shop this way, without all the support we have received from our furriends!! So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!! Meow!!


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