February 2015 Donation to Meowness!


Ok, we know it’s technically March already, but we did not get around to deliver our February donation to Meowness until today.

Our human was out of town most of February on one of those unauthorized trips without our approval, doing this work thing!

So we were a little late with the February drop off, unfortunately!

The items pictured retail for about $653 and we paid about $148 oop for them.


The Meowness folks have so many wonderful kittens up for adoption again.

The human got to cuddle with Isaac, Kensington and Tobias, who are total cuties with never ending purr motors.


Check out this picture of Kensington and Tobias. Too cute for words, right??


We hope we can purr up enough motivation so the human updates the blog more often again. She currently has a lot of things going on, so we are giving her a little break.

Hopefully we’ll be back blogging about deals again before not too long! Thanks for bearing with us =^.^=


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