January 2014 Donation to Meowness!!!

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This is our January 2014 Donation to Meowness. The value for these items was roughly $444 retail, but we only paid about $71 oop because of some of the awesome markdowns and the great deals on Blue litter in December 😉

Great pic, right? Did we mention that humans are not very smart???? Ours are certainly no exception!!!

We wanted to send the human to Meowness last night and had her set everything up in the garage so we could take a picture of our donation before dropping it off.

She set things up, took notes about what was being donated and then loaded the car……half way to the Meowness kitties she realized she had forgotten to take a picture!

Oh well!! As we said, humans in general are just not very smart and ours is at no risk of winning the Nobel Prize anytime soon, that’s why she needs us. We are the brains!!!

In any case, although you hardly can see anything, there was lots of dry food, some cans, lots of holiday stockings with treats and toys, two different brands of litter, paper towels and some other supplies. We also snuck in a few dog goodies for good measure.

The human got to cuddle with newbies Alexander, Theodore and Charlotte as well as the some of the resident Meowness kitties. She also had a major purr session with Lionel who is an absolute sweetheart and deserves the most wonderful furever home out there.

Theodore was dumped at the shelter in his golden years right after the Meowlidays, as his former humans got a puppy. Go figure! Did we mention humans are not very bright! We are happy he’s with the Meowness kitties now! He’s doing great and is loving his new life!!! They are trying to raise some funds for his vet care. They poor boy is in need of a dental, yuck, we don’t envy him!! So if you have a buck or two to spare, we are sure Theo would appreciate it! Theo will be ready for adoption after his dental is taken care of and is looking for a great adopter, who appreciates a georgious kittie with some life experience!!


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