Don’t forget to use your Petco Calendar Coupons!!


If you managed to score one of the Petco calendars we mentioned on Facebook earlier this year, don’t forget

to use the coupons in there! These are all store Qs, that STACK with MQ!!

So if you still have 5/1 Nature’s Receipe prints¬†from Facebook or the ones from, we printed a few weeks back (not longer available).

You can stack those with a 3/1 Store Q from the calendar.

Not free, like we had last month. But if you have not been able to find stock and have unexpired Qs, 8$ off 9.99 is not bad either!

Especially if you need to reach 25 $ to use the 5 off 25 coming up this weekend!

Also make sure you use up all the awesome FREEBIE coupons from the calendar before they expire!

Those calendars are long gone! We had the human buy two at full price and lucked out when Cyndy and Iris’ human

found a stack on markdown, which the folks at Petco were about to toss!! They had her buy them and share with us!

But it certainly does not hurt to keep an eye out, in case your store forgot to take them down.


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