August 2015 Donation to Meowness!


Tonight we sent the human to our buddies at Meowness with the items shown in the picture above.

This month’s donation has a retail value of about $ 604 and our out of pocket cost was roughly $105.

It seems a bit inflated, as those small tubs of litter retail for $9.99 each and we had coupons making them free.

So all in all we don’t think it’s that much stuff at all this time around. Luckily Ludwig and Cali had their human give us a bit of canned food,

because we had very little wet food this months.

Generally speaking there have been fewer deals lately, which is one of several reasons we are posting less often.

We hope that September will bring great deals enabling us to get some shopping done for our furriends who are still looking for their furever homes.

Speaking of which, Meowness is bursting at the seams with kittens. The human met several new Mama cats with their kittens, who will be up for adoption soon

and she also got to see Olivia and her brother Magnus Stealthpaw again.Those two are too cute for words!

Please someone adopt them soon!! Otherwise we have to be worried about the human to cat ratio in our house again!!!


This is Magnus Stealthpaw, isn’t he adorable?



And look at Olivia with her cute markings! We totally understand how smitten the human is with her!

So if you have room in your hearts and homes please consider one of those two sweeties or check out the other adoptable kittens at Meowness.

And if you’d like to help in other ways, we are sure they could use a dollar or two to help with spay and neuter as well as other medical cost.

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