Petco: MAJOR Markdown alert! Petco deals and shopping trip!


Oh my cat!!!! Send your humans to Petco furriends, right MEOW!! And tell them to run, don’t walk!

We had a couple of PalsRewards expiring and a couple of 5/25 (those are rare now, sorry we did not have a link to put on the blog), so we sent the human to Petco in hopes of finding a couple of goodies for the Meowness kitties.

When the human got to the store she found TONS and we mean TONS of markdowns, wet food, dry food, clearanced supplies, everything! She went back home all excited, printed and clipped coupons and grabbed all the coupons for our random pile we recently received from our buddies out there!


Then she went back shopping and got so much stuff on clearance, we could not even fit it all in one picture!!

ALL the harnesses and leashes (the reflective ones that are hard to photograph) in the photo were marked down to 25 cents each! That’s a QUARTER each! Some of the same ones we had paid full price for previously, when Meowness was in need of some. The Meowness kitties will be super happy with all the extra collars and goodies!

Here are some highlights of the food the human bought:

BIG bags of Proplan dog food $ 8-9 (3/1Purina Pro Plan Dog Food, Any Bag – 03-09-14 and a 5/1 calendar Q to stack) =  FREE to $1 after Q

BIG bags of Purina One dog food $8 (2/1 Purina ONE Smartblend Dry Dog Food, Any Bag – 04-13-14 SS and stack with 5/1 calendar Q) = FREE

Smaller bags of Purina One dog food $ 3 (2/1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food, Any Bag – 03-09-14 RP) = $1 after Q

Pedigree dog food $1.50 ($1.00 off PEDIGREE Dry Dog Food 3.5lb or larger or 1/1 Pedigree Dry Food for Dogs, Any 3.5 lb. Or Larger – 04-27-14 RP) = $0.50 after Q

ProPlan cat food $10.48 (Purina Pro Plan Brand Cat Food, Any 3.5 lb. Or Larger Bag – 03-30-14 SS and 5/1 calendar coupon) = $0.48 after Q

BIG bags of Iams dog food (we had 3/1 from inside the trial bags, so check our stash or use  $2.00 off ONE Iams Dry Dog Food) = $1-2 after Q

Purina Dog Chow $3 (1/1 Purina Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Little Bites, Healthy Morsels, Or Dog Chow Light & Healthy, Any 4 lb. Or Larger Bag – 05-18-14 RP, check your stash for 2/1 or 3/1 mailers) = $2 after Q

Big bag Eukanuba dog food $4-9 (4/1 calendar Q, some of us have 3/1 mailers) = Free-$5 depending on Qs

Big bag Nature’s Recipe dog food $8 (5/1 calendar Q, you may have 3/1 or 4/1 peelies) = Free-$3 depending on Qs

Big bag Wellness dog food $10.79 (5/1 Flyer coupon found in store and 5/1 calendar coupon) = 0.79 or higher depending on Qs

Small bags Wellness cat food $7.59 (5/1 Flyer coupon found in store and 4/1 calendar coupon) = FREE

Small bags Iams dog food $2 ($2.00 off ONE Iams Dry Dog Food) = FREE

Small bag Science Diet cat food $7.59 (5/1 Flyer coupon from Pet Expo or store rep and 3/1 calendar coupon, or 3/1 Petco printable store coupon) = FREE

Pedigree cans $0.20 each (1/6 Pedigree Little Champions Pouch Variety Pack, Any 8 Or 12-Ct. Or Single Pouches, Any (6) Or 13.2 Oz. Cans, Any (6) – 04-27-14 RP or $1.00 off PEDIGREE LITTLE CHAMPIONS Pouch) = 3 cents ea wby 6

Iams Woof $ 0.40 ($1.50 off FIVE Wet IAMS Dog Food) = 12 cents ea wby 5

Iams Wet food cans $ 0.30 ($1.50 off FIVE Wet IAMS Dog Food) = FREE wyb 5

Nutro trays $0.40 (B3G1 Nutro Natural Choice) = 0.30 ea wyb 4, Q autoed for us, so they were all FREE

ProPlan wet dog food $0.20 (B2G1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Cans Or Tubs, Any (Offer Excludes 2 For 1 Packs) – 03-09-14 RP – valid up to $2.39) = 13 cents ea wby 3

Wellness dog food Cans $0.70 (we had a BOGO from a store flyer)

Beneful Medleys 3 packs wet food $0.50 (Purina Beneful Wet Dog Food Items, Any (6) 10-oz. Tubs, (6) 3-ct. Sleeves or (1) 6- or 12-ct. Variety Pack – 04-27-14 SS, or 2/2 print NLA) = 17 cents ea wyb 6

Meow Mix tubs 0.38 (1.50/6 personalised email Q or Bogo prints NLA) = as low as 13 cents ea wyb 6 depending on Q

With very few exceptions none of these were oops bags, so check the bags for small colorful markdown stickers with prices that look like they are too good to be true =^..^= Prices had to manually entered. When in doubt ask an associate to scan the product for you!

The human spent several hours in the store shopping (but mostly chatting with our favorite store manager and the pawesome folks in our favourite store) and did a total of 6 or 7 transactions. We are fortunate our store has very patient associates who know we are donating our purchases and don’t treat the human like she’s robbing the place =^..^= 

We paid less than $20 for ALL the stuff in the two pictures!! We are all giddy and the human is tickled pink for sure!

Of course markdowns can vary by store, which means YMMV, but we were told Petco is going through a major reset, so chances are good you will score some goodies!

We recommend to grab any and all coupons you have and have the human head to PETCO right MEOW!!


We would really like to thank everyone who has sent us coupons recently! Shopping trips like these would not be possible, had we not had a random pile to grab from. Thank you furriends!



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