Special #BlogPaws donation to MEOWNESS!!

Blogpaws Meowness Donations

Despite all our training efforts, female human is still a hopeless case, when it comes to blogging. So we sent her to #BlogPaws to learn from other pet bloggers and their cats and dogs.

We were also secretly hoping to win one of the goodies from the awesome cat lounge, hosted by hauspanther, for the next MEOWNESS fundraiser.

Unfortunately we did NOT win, BUT the kind ladies running the cat lounge (thank you JaneA, Vicky and Kate!!) encouraged our human to load up on the free litter that they were giving away and they RRRREALLY did mean load up, as there was tons of litter left at the end of the conference!

Our furrriends at MEOWNESS always need cat litter, so our human gladly took them up on their offer! Between these leftover bags, those given to us during the conference and the ones passed on to us by other participants (thank you cattywumpus!) we ended up with 38 bags of SmartCat litter from Pioneer Pet for the MEOWNESS kitties. Wowsers and Meowsers! AND there was still plenty left for a couple of other charities, whom the human helped to haul their share to their cars.

Several of the other exhibitors generously gave the human extra samples to pass on to our buddies at MEOWNESS as well. Lots of wet food cans and pouches from the kind folks at WERUVA, tons of treats from nice people at Natural Balance, dry food samples and cans from the friendly Science Diet crew, some samples from the teams at The Honest kitchen and Petcurean as well as Supplements for senior cats from Only Natural Pet.


We were superstoked when we saw all the goodies the human brought home, because this means we can make a second donation to MEOWNESS this month in addition to what we dropped off last week. We actually were so excited that we almost forgave the human for leaving us behind with male human for three days – ALMOST, we said ALMOST!!


Plus on top of this, we received quite a few samples and other items for our Buddies at Arizona Small Dog Rescue. We will add those to our regular May donation, which we are planning to drop off next week.


As you can see BlogPaws has already had an impact on our buddies at MEOWNESS and AZSDR, hopefully it will help improve our blog as well!


We are still going through the other items in our swag bags and may do a giveaway on the blog with those or use them for fundraiser at a later point in time.


Oh, and the human picked up a ton of coupons from several of the exhibitors at the conference, which can only mean one thing =^.^=  ……yep, you got that right: Send that human SHOPPING!!!!



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