Free Canyon Creek Ranch cat food and 5.99 Canyon Creek Dog food at Petco!


It seems Petco really wants us to send our humans their way! Here’s another grrrrreat stack!

Petco has e 5/1 Canyon Creek Ranch dog or cat food STORE coupon, good on any size

and we have a printable here

5/1 Canyon Creek Ranch dog or cat food Manufacturer coupon (scroll down and click on “try and save”)

The small bags of CCR cat food are 9.99 at our Petco (they are the rrrrealy small 2 lb bags)

Sooooo you can score a 2 lb bag cat food for free (hand over MQ first and then Store Q)

The dog food is 15.99 at the moment so 5.99 after stack (it does not come in the smaller bags), but

we have had this brand on sale for 9.99-12.99 in the past, so you might be able to score a deal later down the line.

In any case we suggest you print those right MEOW, as Petco likes to change links on us and the MQ might run out at some point as well!


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