December Donation to Meowness!


Earlier today we sent the human to Meowness with our December Donation!

It was high time! As you may have realised the human has been slacking a bit in December because she was so busy with that work thing!

She claims it has to be done to fill the bowls, but we are not so sure about all that!! We are perfectly capabale of finding deals so she can fill bowls.¬†Really not sure what she’s talking about!

At least she was so busy that she did not bother taking silly holiday pictures of us in ridiculous outfits, so we got away with using an old picture, as you may have seen on Facebook!

In any case the items we dropped off at Meowness today retail for about $628 roughly and we paid about $139!

Not too shabby considering all the wet food and litter!!

We hope everybody is enjoying their Pawlidays!! We are so happy the human is home more and we get to cuddle and snuggle whenever we are up for it!

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