It’s CATURDAY!!! Time to send the humans shopping!!!!



OK friends, it’s that time of the month again!!! Time to send those humans shopping!!

Head over here for a list of printable Petco store coupons!!

Our check out the cat and dog scenarios  to give you some inspiration!!!

Don’t forget check out the markdowns at Petco or Petsmart and see if you have any coupons for those products!

Last but not least if you are unsure about how to shop at Petco, check out our couponing at Petco info page!

And if you find a pawesome deal we overlooked make sure to let us know!!

Preferably via a comment on our facebook page, as we cannot always keep track of the comments on the blog (there is a lot of spam, so it’s hard to find the good messages in between).

You can also contact us directly if you want to let us know about a great find!! We are looking forward to hearing from you!!


Happy Shopping!!!

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