Markdown finds of the day at CVS: Pet toys, holiday outfits and dog treats!!


The human wanted to check for holiday markdowns at CVS today, to get items for some humanist fundraiser. Sigh! As if there was anything more important than pet food shopping.

By the time she got to the store all the goodies, except some pet holiday items were gone, as holiday clearance at CVS was 90% off. So all’s well that ends well and we scored some nice items for our buddies.

3 pack of Dog Bakery dog treats for 99 cents

Dog toy stocking with 5 tennis balls for 49 cents

Cat toy stocking with 8 or so cat toys for 59 cents

Pet holiday outfit for 39 cents

So everything in the picture cost us less than $3!!

If your humans frequent CVS have them be on the lookout for these things.



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