Always check those receipts at Petsmart!!!



When shopping at Petsmart for free toys this week ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check your receipt before tossing it!

Petsmart registers will randomly print survey invites on the register tape with your receipt.

Those surveys are worth $3 and are quickly and easily filled out.

All you need to do is go to the webiste mentioned on the tape, fill out the survey and then you will receive an activation code, which you will have to note on the tape.

Next time you shop at Petsmart you can bring in the tape to redeem those three dollars on anything in the store, which can help keep your out of pocket cost down!

We are always thrilled when the human gets one of those!!! Lately we unfortunately have not been super lucky and then bam all of a sudden we between four transactions at two different stores we ended up with two surveys on the same day. That’s $6 in free store money at Petsmart!!

You will usually find those on top of your receipt!!

So you never know, hunting for free toys or cheap collars might yield you extra dollars in store money!

Happy Petsmart shopping!

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