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sd july 13 promox


If you did the Science Diet/Hill’s Ideal Balance promo at Petsmart a few weeks back you still may have 5/1 register tape coupons!!

Those expire 9/30 so make sure you head to Petsmart and use them up!! They can be stacked with Manufacturer coupons out there and you may end up with Science Diet or Hill’s Ideal Balance products starting at 99 cents, depending on what coupons you have to stack!


single roll sparke

Safeway has Sparkle single rolls again for $1 and in today’s paper we have a 0.50/1 Sparkle 3 roll OR SMALLER coupon, which can be used on those.

Some lucky folks have already gotten the RP insert in their junk mail earlier this week.

Please remember Safeway only makes up to three of the same coupon go to 1$ so if you want to get more paper towels, do split up your transactions.

Paper towels are on the wish list of many rescue organisations. Between this and the recent Brawny deal, we should really be able to help out.


smartsourceRedplumpg logo

3 Inserts: RP, SS, PG

9-29 Smartsource Coupon Preview

Purina $1/1 Beggin 6oz+ (12/29)
Purina $1/1 Busy chew treat (12/29)
Purina $2/1 ONE beyOnd cat food 3lb+ bag (12/31)


9-29 RedPlum Coupon Preview

Sparkle $.50/1 3 roll or smaller package (10/30) (will yield free Sparkle paper towels at Safeway – great donation item for rescues)

Plus the BOGO CESAR trays that are not in the preview and may be regional!

There is also going to be a  P&G insert, but it seems it has no pet related coupons.

Thank you Sunday Coupon Preview!



Last night we sent the human to our buddies at Meowness! We usually drop off donations earlier in the month, but as the human was out of town we were running a bit late.

This drop off is valued at $ 365 and we paid about $ 92 oop (a bit more than usual because of the carrier)

Although Meowness fosters mainly cats, they also help out a few dogs, which is why you can spot a little dog food in there too.

We are planning a second drop off, mainly for dog supplies, this weekend as well.

The human came home with lots of cat hair on her, the Meowness kitties gave her some nice purrs and cuddles.

We had to sniff her real well so see if there were any hidden messages!

wellness coupons


We received our new monthly email newsletter with the 1/1 wet food and 3/1 dry food printables!

The 5.5 oz cans of cat food are currently on sale for 1.60 so only 60 cents after coupon, the 12.5 oz of dog food are on sale for 2.30 so 1.30 after coupon at Petsmart.

Smaller cans are 1.49 for cat and 1.39 for dog food, but as this coupon has limited prints you are getting better value from the larger cans on sale.

Dry food starting at 11.99 for cats and 13.99 for dogs at Petsmart!



We sent the human to Petsmart this week to check on some things and she came home with this coupon booklet.

Most coupons in it are manufacturer coupons expiring 10/31

1/1 any Dentastix (those are 3.49 at Petsmart right now, so 2.49 after coupon)

3/1 Zuke Z Bones edible grain free dental chews (16.99/bag, so 13.99 after Q)

25% off any nutrident edible dental chew medium pouch 4.75 value

1/1 Happy Hips or Vitality Dogswell Jerky Strips (11.99/bag, so 10.99 after Q)

0.25/1 Catswell Vitakitty Cat Jerky 2 oz (2.50/bag so 2.25 after Q)

2/1 Milo’s kitchen home style dog treats 18oz or larger

2/1 any Milk bone Trail Mix 20 oz (8.99/bag, so 7.99 after Q)

1/1 any pouch of Bil-Jac dog treats 10 oz or larger (5.99, so 4.99 after Q)

1/1 any charlee bear dog treats 16 oz package (5.49 so 4.49 after Q)

1/1 Zukes’ natural purrz or gee zees cat treats (2.50 so 1.50 after Q)

1/1 Hill’s Science Diet or Hill’s Ideal Balance dog or cat treats (2.50 for cat treats so 1.50 after Q, and 4.79 and up for dog treats, but we have a Petco Q to stack as a competitor Q 2/1 for the dog treats)

0.75/1 Nutro crunchy treats 10 oz or larger (4.99 so 4.24 after Q)

1/1 Any Dentley’s Nature’s Chew or Rawhide (starting at 1.59 so 0.59 after Q)

1/1 any Kong Chewey Treat or rawhide (4.99 so 3.99 after Q)

only store coupon in there is for IAMS shakebales 2 for $5, can be stacked with manufacturers coupons,

there are some rare 1/1 mailers out there, making these 1.50 after coupon, but we are not aware of any easily accessible insert coupons.


In any case try to get a hold of these coupons next time you are headed to Petsmart, most of them are MQs, we can use them at Petco. The ZUKE treats as well as the NUTRO treats and the BillJac have been spotted on clearance, so these might make a good combination for some!!





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