YAY, new high value printable coupon for Fresh Step litter $3/1!!!

Fresh step

Ex. 30 days from print (Print limit is two) Watch the video and you will be offered the link to the coupon.

Click here to print $3 off the Purchase of any Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter (you will have to watch the video to be able to print the coupon!)

Fresh Step is on Sale at Safeway for 8.99 for 20 lbs this week, so 5.99 after Q (29 cents/lb), which is an a good deal if you need litter now and use this brand!

We have seen this size as low as 6.99 in the past, so you might want to take the risk and hold on to it, as you have 30 days to score a better deal further down the line!

Or if you don’t want to risk expiration, but all means log in your Safeway deal!

Petsmart currently has the large 42 lb bags for Sale for 15.99 (31 cents/lb after Q)!


Thank you PCD!

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