Supercute markdowns at Petco – castles for kitties


When checking for prices at Petco the human found cardboard cat bungalows and castles on markdown starting at 9.98.

OK, these are not free, no food and we have no coupons, but they are up to 50% off and if you have Palsrewards to burn or can still find them when we get the next 5/25 in October they are maybe worth a look if your kitties love cardboard boxes…..

Yes, we know, that’s all they are – boxes – and it’s cheaper to let us play with the boxes of the stuff you buy on AMAZON, but hey they ARE really cute and we think we deserve a castle!! After all dogs get their own houses too! And these will look much nicer in your living room than a regular ole box…although (honestly) once you assembled them, we will probably ignore them and play with the box they came in 😉 that’s how we kitties roll!!

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