Science Diet Dry Dog Food starting at $ 3.79


In prepartion of next weeks 5/25 event coming up at PETCO we had the human check on Science Diet prices today and by the time she came back the MQs for SD had reset, YAY!!

This means we can score real good deals at Petco come next week!

If you printed the coupons mentioned here

SD MQs and here SD Petco Store Qs

You can get SD dog food starting at 3.79 by stacking the 4/1 MQ with the 3/1 SQ and cat food starting at 5.99 stacking the 5/1 MQ with the 3/1 Store Q!

That said you might be better off at Petsmart this week using the Petco Q as a competitor Q for your first transaction and then using the 5/1 Petsmart Q (prints on your receipt)

to stack with the MQ. BUT as we will have a 5/25 at Petco valid 8/11 and 8/12, this will be a great way to get to 25$!


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