Petsmart: today through April 6th: Save up to $20!

petsmart 3 days

We received an email from Petsmart this morning, they are doing anonther one of those weekend promotions, where you get a register tape coupon

when you spent a certain amount of money in store.

Spend $50 get $5

Spend $100 get $15

Spend $150 get $20

In case you are planning a bigger purchase it may be worth it looking into this. Also, if you were one of the lucky ones, who received the Petsmart 5/25 coupon a little while ago don’t forget to use your 5/25 that is good through 4/13!

From past experience we can attest, that the Petsmart store coupons will count against the spent threshold, so you need to spend at least $5 above the mentioned spend threshold to receive the reward.

Manufacturer coupons should not count against you, as they are a form of payment and they have not had an impact on the rewards in the past. That said Petsmart registers are iffy, so we cannot guarantee that will work. Please do report back, in case you are attempting these deals!


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