Petco: Peelie alert: 5/1 Blue litter = FREE cat litter at Petco!


As prices were only valid through 11/23 we sent the human to Petco on Sunday to look for new prices and deals, but most items were not tagged yet.

She however found 5/1 Blue litter peelies all over the place. One store had them on the litter itself, the other one had them on all the Blue cat products except the litter.

So the peelie fairy must have been busy!

Our favourite store manager gave our human a few peelies directly from the roll, so she will be using those to buy bags with more peelies on them! We see lot’s of free litter in our future!


Many varieties are still priced at 9.99 and you can stack the 5/1 with the

Petco Store Coupon 5/1 Blue Naturally Fresh Cat Litter through 12/15 to score them free, or very cheap if you prefer the higher priced varieties!!

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