Petco: FREE Blue naturally Fresh cat litter!!

blue 50 percent off

We received an email from Petco this morning alerting us to their anniversary sale. They have many items 50% off, including select bags of Blue naturally Fresh litter!

If you recall Blue sent us a 5/1 printable coupon for Naturally Fresh just a few days ago. If you still have your prints, you are in luck and can score FREE litter!!

The quick clumping and pellet litters start at 4.99, Multicat starts at 5.49!

Can you tell we are excited???

One word of caution though, if you buy a 4.99 item and use the 5/1 printable coupon, your coupon may beep, which usually is a hassle at Petco unless you have a great cashier.

We are planning on getting the slightly more expensive bags, so we won’t have an issue, but we wanted to point this out for those of you who are planning to get the $4.99 bags!

We also do have a calendar coupon to stack, so you may be better of by stacking the calendar coupon and getting a slightly bigger bag!

We also have seen 5/1 peelies recently, but they seem to be pretty rare!

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