Keep your pets safe on Halloween!!

Keep your pets safe on Halloween!

With all the things on your checklist for Halloween, from decorations, treats, parties, dressing up, walking the neighborhood etc. the safety of your furry family members may seem like less of a concern. But it should be indeed as important as making sure you have enough candy for all the trick or treaters and that your decorations are all up.


More pets go missing on Halloween than most other Holidays, only the 4th of July has a higher rate of missing pets.




Here are some tips to keep your furry family members safe and stress-free on Halloween.

– Keep your pets indoors. AZ in any case is not the best state to let your dog or cat wander outside unattended, even less so on Halloween. There may be pranksters or cruel people out there, who may be inspired to harm your pet. So don’t give them the opportunity


– Find a quiet, seperate room for your pet to stay if you are planning on having a party or are expecting a lot of trick or treaters. Dogs and cats can become skittish due to the incessant ringing of the doorbell and may accidentally escape when the front door is repeatedly opened.  


– If your pet is not yet microchipped, now may be a good time to add this to your to do list. Or make sure your pet wears at least a collar with an I.D. tag.


– You may find your pet really cute in a costume, but your pet may not necessarily agree and actually fell stressed about being dressed up. Even if your pet seems comfortable, don’t leave him or her unattended in a costume, to prevent choking or strangling or getting dangled up in their costume. Also, try to avoide costumes that have small parts and pieces which may be easily chewed off and swallowed leading to life threatening conditions.


– Select your decorations carefully and don’t hang them in areas easily accessible by your pets, where they could be ingested or your pet could become tangled in them. Jack-o-lanterns and candles could burn your pet or cause fire hazards when getting knocked over, so try to use alternative and safer light sources, like flashlights. Don’t forget to pet proof electrical cords as well!


– Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs and many candies, especially those containing artificial sweeteners like Xylitol, can be very harmful to pets. It is a good idea to keep Halloween candy way out of your pet’s reach! This also applies to other people treats like alcohol and most party food. Better keep pet treats handy (and lot’s of them please 😉 yep, we know what we are talking about!)


Happy Halloween!!


Photos Courtesy of Meowness!! Thank you Olivia and Izzy!



Izzy has already found his furever home, but Olivia is still looking for the purrfect adopter!!


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