Feline Pine litter: Don’t forget to mail your TMF Rebate by tomorrow 10/15!!!

tmf feline pine

OK, furriends if your humans are anything like ours, they probably have a rebate for sitting on their desk, maybe even filled in with UPC and receipt attached and then they’ll forget to put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it on time.

Not that that’s ever happened in this house, right! =^.^=

So, if that sounds like your human, give them a little headbump to make sure they get their try me free rebate ready and send it out before TOMORROW 10/15!!

Howe about doing that right meow?

Head over here to see all the details and download a form to fill in!

And while they are at it, digging through receipts and such, why not have them fill out the Arm&Hammer Clump and Seal rebate as well? If you managed to snag one of the pink peelies, you have until 11/30 to send those in, but why not get it all done and over with, while you are at it.


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