Cali and Ludwig’s Human rocked it at Petco!! $ 230 worth of pet food for $20 OOP!!

connys shopping trip

While our human (WITHOUT our consent) is out of town once AGAIN during a valuable 5/25 weekend, our buddies Cali and Ludwig made sure they put their human Conny to work!! And if we may say so, they totally rocked it!! Pictured are 230$ worth of pet food and their human only paid $20!!! How pawsome is that????

She also let us know that the Nature’s Instinct dog food was marked down to 20 cents a can, due to a packaging change. So you might want to look into this at your store!!!

Conny volunteers a Paw Placement, another awesome rescue organisation in the valley and we are sure they will appreciate the donation VERY much!!

Thanks for sharing Cali and Ludwig and for sending that human shopping!!! Sending purrs your way!!!

If you have a great shopping trip to share as well, please let us know!!! We always love to see it when kitties and dogs put those humans to work!!! We love shopping pictures!!!

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