Today, August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation day!!

Photo: Hi Everyone! Olivia here! I am in the mood to snuggle and watch movies this weekend, so how about it? As you can see, I am quite glamorous and exotic looking and I love to strike a pose and pretend I am a statue when people come over... and then spring into action when they aren't expecting it! Pretty funny, huh? I am spayed, tested, vaccinated, and I can't wait to make you laugh, so if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, let's get together!

This is our buddy Olivia, she’s looking for a great human to snuggle with and can be adopted from our buddies

over at MEOWNESS! Head over to their blog or facebook page to find out more about Olivia and other kitties up for adoption (and to look at cool kittie videos too!)


Now, where were we at?


Today is Black Cat Appreciation day!!


Well, we appreciate black cats ANY DAY!! We think they are pawsome!!


Our human’s very first cat was a black cat and she certainly has a soft spot for them!!! We have to find a picture of him to post! He is long gone, but was very much loved by his furever family until the day he passed, just like it ought to be!


There are lot’s of misconceptions and superstitions surrounding black cats. Have we mentioned before that humans are not very smart!! Yep! This one proofs it for sure.

So if there is one thing to say about a black cat crossing your path, we are going with Groucho Marx:

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

Groucho Marx


‘Nuff said! Meow!



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