Any questions? Don’t be shy! Just ask!!!


Hey guys, this is Emily! Linus and I realised we are getting a bunch of page views on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

We updated the page a bit with a few topics we have been asked about recently and since we started the blog.

We are planning to add a lot more information, as we already have a pretty long list of questions to answer, but we would like to get a feeling which ones to prioritize.


Linus is already brainstorming, but if we let him make a list of questions, it will look like this:

Which are the best strategies to get into cupboards?

How to open bags of dog treats and eat all the contents without alerting the humans?

How to be certain to not miss the carpet when puking up those dog treats?

Clearly, those are not FREQUENTLY asked and I am not even certain that the answers are of interest to anyone but Linus, so I need your help!

So if you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll add those to the list!

You can comment on this post below, on Facebook, contact us via the contact form below OR just send us an email to emilyandlinus (a) (replace the (a) with  @ 

We are looking forward to hearing form you!




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