Nature’s Variety, Instinct, up to $8 off – high quality cat food starting at 2.79/bag, good deal on dog food too! Petco!


Nature’s Variety is a high quality food that the human saw some “Oops bags” of when shopping last weekend at Petco

We also have 4/1 calendar Qs for this brand, both for the dog and cat food variety. So we decided to see if we can find a MQ to stack.

The manufacturer indeed offers a printable 4/1 MQ on their website, that can be used either on dog or cat food.

The small 4.4 lbs of dog food is on sale for 17.06, so 9.06 after stack and the small 2.2 lbs bag of cat food

is on sale for 10.79, so 2.79, which is a killer deal for this product.

We realise not everyone has the calendar Qs, but we wanted to put it out there for those of you who do!

Petco prices vary slightly from store to store so yours might sell it a little higher or lower!


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