Blue Buffalo Rocky Mountain Recipe Dog food 10 pd bag starting at 20.29 $!


This is not a FREE or low OOP deal, but if you are feeding your dog this food, it’s a good deal for a high quality item.

The 10 lb bags are 33.29 at our Petco.

Petco has a 3/1 Store Q for 10 lb and larger and we still have the 5/25 good through today.

Most of our stores have Blue Buffalo advisors on the weekends, so if you do not happen to have one of the 5/1 MQ flyers out there,

do approach those folks, or ask your store manager if they have a coupon for  you.

We have received 5/1 Blue Buffalo coupons on numerous occasions. It certainly won’t hurt to ask!

You can also request a 5/1 Blue buffalo coupon per snail mail, so you are ready for next month when we have another 5/25.

The 3/1 Store Q does not expire until October, so you’ll have plenty of time!

If you can score one of the 5/1 flyers today you can get the 10lbs bag for 13 $ off after stack, so roughly 20.29 plus tax,

which is a good deal in our book.



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