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Petsmart really wants us to send the human shopping as well, it seems.

We just received an email from them with a “$5 coupon on your next purchase of dog or cat food, treats, chews, rawhide, or cat litter.”

We cannot share the actual coupon as it has our human’s name on it, but is this awesome or what!

So if you are a PetPerks member go ahead an check your emails.

We believe this may only have gone out to PetPerks members who have earned a $5 holiday bonus bucks rewards in store in November and have not redeemed them yet, which was the case with us.


Petco definitely wants to see our humans back in store this week.

We just received an email with $10 off printable coupons for

Merrick, Hills Sience Diet, Canidae, Organix and Royal Canin.

Most of them have no size restriction, except the Merrick.

ALL of them are manufacturer coupons.

So if you still have some of the 2016 calendar store coupons left you can actually stack those with these printables.

That should make for some cheap bags of pet food.

We remember Merrick cat formulas starting at $14, so with the S10 printable and the $3 calendar coupon (from 2016) you can score a bag for $1.

We are pretty sure you can get similarly awesome stacks with the Royal Canin and Canidae.

We’ll see if we can send in our human later this week, hopefully there still will be some stock.

Petco is trying hard to get us back into their store during those last few days of the year.

We received an email with printable coupons for up to 15% off, that you can also get on their website.

Buying $50 worth of items will only get you 5% off though.

Depending on your cashier you may or may not be able to use this discount in addition toe the $5/25 joybucks that you may have from shopping this past week.

I any case we recommend handing over the % off coupons first and the the $/$$ coupons later.

Some registers kick them out by themselves. Petco registers are very unpredictable.

But if you are heading there anyways, you may as well try.

While you are at it, there are currently several high value Nutro dog food coupons on coupons.com.

If that is your preferred brand of food you can print them here

We hope you all had Happy Holidays!

Earlier this month we mentioned those Petco and Petsmart giftcard deals at Frys.

You had to load the eQs on a particular day of the 25 Merry Days promotion and if you did you can redeem them through 12/31.

We were not sure if the special $10 giftcards from the “stocking stuffer” display qualify. (Regular GC’s for Petco start at $15 and the Petsmart ones start at $25), but we were curious.

The way the eQs are worded is that you get $10 off your grocery purchase wyb the GCs!

So we had the human do the following:

Take 3 Petco cards to self check out, ring them up and hit total.

Nothing came off

Added a bit over $10 in groceries

Again nothing came off

She then alerted the self check out attendant and showed them the eQ on her phone.

After a short phone call with a manager the SCO attendant took of the $10 discount manually.

We had the human try the same steps with the Petsmart $10 cards, with same results at a different store.


If you are planning on using the eQ’s hassle free we suggest you get the higher value cards.

One of our friends got the PM giftcards and reported the $10 came off for EACH giftcard. So she effectively got off $20, but she also had a bunch in groceries in her order that were worth more than $20..

She went yesterday, so this is obviously a glitch of some sort and we cannot promise that you will get more than the $10 off if you go later.

In any case go prepared to show your eQ on the phone in case nothing is deducted.

Happy Shopping and Happy Pawlidays!


Today is the last day of Frys 25 Merry Days promotion and today’s deal is “Buy 2 PETSMART gift cards and save $10”. Click here to load this deal on your shoppers card right meow. You then have time to redeem the deal through 12/31.

Some Frys stores have Petsmart gc’s starting at $10 (at the $10 gift center, which is a special holiday display in store), which could potentially mean you could get a 50% discount on your Petsmart giftcards, if those participate AND you can find them. In addition to this discount, you’ll also earn fuel points at Frys.

The exact wording on the coupon once you have loaded it says:

Save $10.00 off your grocery purchase when you buy TWO (2) Petsmart Gift Cards.”

So we would include at least $10 of grocercies to be save.

However we cannot find any info that the $10 cards are excluded.

We can’t send the human shopping until Wednesday. But we’ll have her try then.

That’s a real pawesome way to stretch your shopping dollars at Petsmart.

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